Each Learning Set Features:

  • A compelling storyline to promote increased ownership for faculty in their own professional development experience. 
  • A clear format that directly connects  learning targets to engaging actions. 
  • The deliberate use of icons, visual cues, and clear prompts to make the learning experience easy to navigate.

About Heidi & Allison

Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Allison Zmuda have been collaborating and imagining ideas together for two decades to develop compelling curricula where students have a meaningful role in their own learning.

Over the years, we have deepened our work into reimagining the power and role of personalized learning and the need for modernizing school formats as evidenced in Allison’s books on personalized learning and Heidi’s work has focused on the design of school learning environments and essential literacies for the contemporary learner.

We are  committed to creating dialogue and sharing resources to support school and system leaders that are the stewards of program structures, policies, resources,  and pedagogy. If you are interested in incorporating learning sets as part of your professional development plan, please reach out to us for:

  • discounts on bulk purchases of learning sets 
  • customized offerings for your faculty with assignments and synchronous conversations with the authors as part of the learning experience
  • provide workshops and coaching services to build capacity with your faculty

Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Email: heidi@curriculum21.com

Website: curriculum21.com

Twitter: @heidihayesjacobs

LinkedIn: Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Allison Zmuda

Email: allison@learningpersonalized.com

Website: learningpersonalized.com

Twitter: @allison_zmuda

LinkedIn: Allison Zmuda